Our mission

To apply Susavion’s MultiValent Peptide Mimetic (MVPM) Technology platform to develop drugs that harness the power of the immune system to combat cancer and other diseases.

Susavion Biosciences, Inc., is a privately-owned company that was formed to advance technology based on discovery of multi-valent, bio-active peptides that mimic carbohydrate ligands of lectin-type receptors suitable for use as therapeutic modulators of the immune system.

Company overview

  • Privately-owned
  • Incorporated in 2006
  • 13 issued patents, 4 pending
  • Therapeutic efficacy demonstrated

Management team

Laura L. Eggink, PhD, President

A former Assistant Professor Research of Biomedicine and Biotechnology at Arizona State University, Laura is a leading researcher on peptide mimetics.

Also an expert on cell signaling, she has worked with a number of experimental models ranging from chloroplasts to macrophages. Dr. Eggink, the inventor on 12 patents and 7 applications, is a leading  investigator demonstrating the feasibility of modulating the immune system with peptide mimetics of carbohydrates.

J. Kenneth Hoober, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

As the Chair of Biochemistry, Temple Univ. School of Medicine and most recently, Chair in the School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University, Dr. Hoober has contributed to over 100 research publications.

Dr. Hoober has devoted much of his career to understanding mechanisms of membrane biogenesis. He is particularly known for his contributions to the field of chloroplast membrane protein chemistry and synthesis.  Dr. Hoober was involved in the early work on GcMAF and its ability to stimulate the activation of macrophages.

David McCaleb, MBA

David started his year career at Merck with the launch of enalapril, then continued bringing blockbuster products to the pharmaceutical and biotech markets, launching several billion dollar products.  Established commercial operations at Amgen, Cephalon, Gilead and CV Therapeutics. Led a number of creative partnering deals, including Amgen-Roche and CVT-Quintiles. Mr. McCaleb has participated in raising over a billion dollars in capital.