Susavion has a robust pipeline of preclinical drug candidates for immunotherapy.

Multiple therapeutic indications

Susavion has developed a series of peptides that are effective at sub-nanomolar concentrations.  These drugs are showing early promise in enhancing the immune defense in treatment of cancer and viral infections.

svL4 has been  shown to significantly extend life of mice with ovarian cancer and significantly extends life when administered in conjunction with low doses of radiation in a glioblastoma brain tumor mouse model.  svL4 reduces growth of melanoma tumors and dramatically lowers the bad,  regulatory T cells within tumors.

Other peptides were shown to be effective in eliminating HIV-1 in cultures of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in the presence of non-neutralizing antibodies from HIV-positive patients.

Drug Candidate Receptor Therapeutic Area, Indication Status
svL4 C-Type Lectins Oncology in vivo studies
sv6B C-, I-Type Lectins Oncology, Anti-viral in vivo studies
svH1C I-Type Lectins Anti-viral in vivo studies
svH1D I-Type Lectins Anti-viral In vitro assays Cell culture
svC2 Anti-viral in vitro studies
sv6D C-Type Lectins Oncology in vivo studies