Susavion’s technology will change the lives of people with cancer.

Susavion Bioscience is a biotechnology company dedicated to the design of novel peptides for cancer immunotherapy and treatment of infectious diseases.  We are advancing a pipeline of novel proprietary product candidates directed to a wide range of cancer indications by expanding an active innate immune system.

Cancer suppresses the immune system, which allows progression of the disease.   Immunotherapy is rapidly emerging as a major treatment modality by reversing cancer’s immune escape.  Susavion has developed a unique MultiValent Peptide Mimetic Technology (MVPM™) platform to identify activators of the immune system to treat cancer and other diseases. This technology is designed to dramatically boost innate immunity and expand the efficacy of endogenously produced polyclonal or exogenously administered monoclonal antibodies.

The arena in which Susavion operates is bounded by initial drug discovery and validation of multi-valent peptides as functional drugs through the pre-clinical stage to Investigational New Drug approval.