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Activating the Immune System to Fight Disease

Our Technology And Your Health



Our peptide mimetics platform supercharges the body’s own immune system to jumpstart its innate ability to fight disease. This non-toxic treatment is a potential game-changer—especially for many diseases that have had few or no effective treatments.

Our Treatment Is Different

Pathogens—like cancer—are notoriously able to evade detection. A tumor is simply a growth of invading cells that have managed to hide from or even suppress the immune system. Traditional treatments tend to launch an all-out chemical assault on the disease, rather than coax the body’s immune system into action.

MultiValent Peptide Mimetic Technology

At Susavion, we’ve developed a unique, non-toxic MultiValent Peptide Mimetic Technology (MVPM™) platform to engage activators of the immune system to treat diseases like cancer and others in a whole new way.

Our patented peptide treatments trigger the immune system to send the right combination of attack cells to eliminate the pathogen and expand the innate efficacy of monoclonal antibodies.

Susavion peptides are:

  • Non-toxic

  • Required in low doses

  • Easy to administer